Frequently Asked Questions

Water Treatment

If you are on a town/city water system, it is maintained by the Township and regulated by the Government and so it will be safe. On a well system you should get tested for bacteria annually. The health unit actually recommends every 6 months. Kits to test are free and are available from your local health unit.
An ultraviolet light is the least expensive and safest solution.Other treatment options like chlorination are available.
Reverse Osmosis can remove all dissolved solids from your water, including minerals. These minerals can be added back into your water if desired.
When it is 7 grains hard or less, this is considered moderately hard and it is a personal preference to use a softener or not. A softener will help with scaling buildup.


Clean your furnace filter monthly if possible especially if you have pets and/or lots of dust in the house. No less than every 2 months.
Every other year if the equipment is in good condition and the filters are changed/cleaned on a monthly basis. You should have it cleaned after any renovations have been completed.
Yes. You should see a savings with the new high efficiency units as long as the rest of your house is properly maintained, ie: windows and doors properly sealed. Basically a furnace that is rated 95% efficient means that for every dollar spent, 95 cents is heat and 5 cents goes out the cracks. Most older units were rated at around 60% efficient.
Once a furnace is older than 15 – 18 years, depending on its condition and upkeep, it should be replaced instead of spending money on repairs.

Water Division

Sand packed points can be installed in areas where there is sand and a shallow aquifer, anywhere from 6 to 30 feet.
Depending on your pump system some adjustments or an upgrade to your system like changing from jet pump to submersible pump will allows more pressure and operates more efficiently.
We can analyze your pump or motor and give our recommendations. Be sure to ask Don or Joe when you bring it in. They will be happy to advise you.


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